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#41 In These Times, April 24, 2020 Pretty Pretty Princess

by Dr. Jody Kussin April 24, 2020

When our daughter was little, she and my husband used to play a board game called Pretty Pretty Princess. You ‘earned’ jewels and tiaras and the individual most decked out as royalty the soonest, won. If I could locate the photos of the two of them, sitting on the floor, looking earnest with their crowns and long gloves, I would post them. Instead, I am delighted to have located the memory (as of this moment) and to pull up the visual in my mind’s eye.

What have you misplaced of late? For what are you searching?

Keys to the car, for instance? Nail polish remover? Hand-written recipes? The ‘good’ shampoo?

What else? A specific photograph? An old friend?

Which memories sustain you? Which are too fuzzy and are evading you?

Then again, in these times, what are you missing, if you are privileged enough to not be missing health and security?

I miss audiences for talk shows. It’s just not the same, although kudos to them for their adaptations.

I miss frozen yogurt very very much.

I miss walking with my friends. It has been too long. I’m worried I’ll lose the ‘walkie-talkie’ ability following so many miles of solitary sojourning. I hope you will be patient with me when we are back on track beloved partners.

I also miss missing my husband – this is the longest stretch I can recall with him NOT traveling hither and yon for his science work. Funny. After years of complaining about him being gone, I kinda miss that he’s never gone now!

Here, however, is what I do not miss: Traffic. Over scheduling the calendar. Bad air quality. The mall.

So, to combat my worries over what I’ve misplaced, and what I’m missing, I focus a tad also on what I’m happy to have right here in my lap:

My appreciation for family and friends.

My thanks for those with a sense of humor. Y’all crack me up. Thanks. A little irreverence goes a long way. Yes, old I Love Lucy episodes are funny, but so are texts and posts from my kids.

My belief in things that are invisible – love, time, viruses that can be fought.

And finally,

My optimism – people are good – the ‘bad ones’ dominate our social media pages sometimes, but overall, people are good, and we will move through this and come out the other side.

I have not misplaced my faith in us. Not even the tiniest bit.

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