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#90 TG - Thankful to Colleagues

#90 Family Matters

Early Thanks for Thanksgiving – to my colleagues….

November 2020

“Summertime hot and hazy loose and lazy - Summer time - Lying on the ground

Everything is green and growing everybody’s lawn needs mowing

Look a leaf falls to the ground Mother Earths’ about to change her gown

She loves to change her seasons - It’s Mother Earth’s routine

Green to brown, brown to white, white back in to green

She changes clothes and puts on something clean

And she has reasons for changing seasons You have to change to grow

You have to change to grow And so she changes seasons, it’s Mother Earth’s routine

Green to brown, brown to white, and white back in to green”

We are so busy. At least we were, in the BEFORE TIMES. Always rushing, driving here, running there – up the stairs, down the stairs, in to a meeting, out of a meeting, on the streets with a client, sitting in a court waiting waiting waiting, heading in to a school, going back and forth between here and there, hours in traffic, having some clients who no show and others who show up on days we were not expecting them - busy people, doing very important work. Some days it felt like we ourselves were drowning – behind in paper-work with stacks on our stacks – it was easy to get lost, to feel overwhelmed, to lose sight of our big picture. It’s easy, and dangerous too.

But then, all of a sudden, in March, our worlds slowed down and became increasingly tiny. We continued to provide services and have clients and patients call us, but – there was/is so much beyond our control. Calendaring, which was once hard, is now almost impossible. People are still in need, but our hands are tied. And we have families to tend and leases to pay and clients and patients to serve and also – we are surrounded by fear, by sickness, by loss, and by uncertainty.

And so, at this time of year, with Thanksgiving around the corner, and the weather SOMEWHAT cooperating to give us a tiny sense of Fall, I think about Tom Chapin’s lyrics, above, and I think about things I’ve learned from y’all this past year.

It’s a privilege to do the work I do, with YOU. We enhance lives, even save lives, and strengthen community, every day. So – Please - Prioritize you. If that means slowing down over Thanksgiving and sitting down to a smaller and less gourmet dinner so you can play Apples to Apples with YOUR kids, then go for it. If it means having hardly any guests, and eating before the sun goes down, with blankets and beanies, so be it. If it means zoom parties, then so be it. If it means no tv or tons of tv, if it means movies and old-fashioned popped popcorn at home then go for it. What does it mean to you, to take a moment, out of these challenges times, and just BE.

Tom Chapin is nice to remind us – she has reasons, for changing seasons – we have to change to grow. And in order for us to change, and to impact change in others, first we have to be healthy – well fed, well rested, and maybe even remember to keep up with our sense of humor. At Thanksgiving we give thanks. We reflect. We count blessings. We appreciate and are grateful. Look around. YOU all are the blessings. Thanks for all you do.

And note – in the midst of this pandemic, I have let my physical office go, at least for 2021. I am providing all services remotely and thus far have been able to meet everyone’s needs. If you need a street address, please use: 5404 WHITSETT, #142, Valley Village, CA 91607. Otherwise, email and texts still work great and it turns out, the old school PHONE (and zoom, VSee, DOXY, whatsapp, facetime etc….they all work too.)

Blessings friends

JODY KUSSIN (still reachable at and 818 414 2279 etc.)

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