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In These Times #36 Love is Like the Galaxy

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Have you heard, the animals are taking back their rightful spots, be those in the meadows of Yosemite (per the L.A. Times, “bears have quadrupled,”) the canals of Venice (“dolphins are seen for the first time in over 60 years”) and the streets of Japan (where the sika deer are freely roaming.) What are they thinking? “Thank goodness those loud people and stinky cars are gone!” or “Where have all the people gone, long time passing?”

Headlines in print news (does anyone other than me still subscribe to newspapers that are delivered every morn?) and on social media sites declare “Animals are Re-Wilding Our Cities,” “Animals Roam while Humans Shelter in Place” and “Nature abhors a vacuum.” (I’m not sure I totally understand the last one – but I know I have been searching online high and low for a good vacuum….)

Blitzen Trapper has a song – if you don’t know their music, check them out….

Because I'm a stranger in a strange land Guess I left the world behind But my love is like the galaxy, seems slow but it sure does shine And when I'm gone you'll know me by The friends I leave behind

We are all, I think, strangers in a strange land – on our best days it may not feel that way, and on our worst, it feels that way x10. And in these times, the land that is strange to us, is starting to feel familiar again, to the animals. If we have learned nothing else, we are definitely learning It’s not a race – our love can seem slow – but let’s let it shine…we want it for the long term and we have lots of time for it in this short term.

We are meeting and knowing one another for the love we share today. The friends we have – the community we build - the people we meet and add to our collection. Day by day we are realizing that in this strange world, it is not our accomplishments defining us. It’s not our weight, our income, our zip code. It’s not our GPA, SAT, college acceptance letters. We are known, and becoming more known, for our kindness, laugh, and sense of shared adventure on an unknown ride.

We are for sure known for the friends we have, and the relationships we develop and the lives we impact. And thanks to our technology, we are connecting, literally, across the continents and around the globe.

Thank you all for creating that place, that space, even if that was not on our vision board.

It’s also pertinent to keep perspective. Some of us are living with aggravations and some are living with life-threatening illness. Some are living with annoyances and some are living with hunger. All are living with uncertainty.

And so, it goes with our lives. See the orcas take back Puget Sound. Watch the squirrels own the streets. Beware of the coyotes (primarily on Nextdoor App.) Take it all in.

‘Love is like the galaxy – seems slow but it sure does shine’. Sure, does shine.

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