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In Times Like These #24 4-7-2020

Who’s tired? Any parent staying indoors with children, of any age, of course, is beyond exhausted.

But also, I’m pretty sure my appliances have never gotten this much use. I imagine the oven and stove chatting with one another (“AGAIN with the fancy cooking?”) And for sure the washer and dryer are shrugging their shoulders at one another (“How can two adults make so many loads?”) The same of course is true for every computer and tablet, mouse and pad. Additionally, there are tv screens that had not been looked at for years, who are now being powered up and left on for hours. (“Can’t they at least switch from news channel to news channel?”) I have speakers who are shocked to discover they can be required to work on weekdays and during daylight hours. (“Dan Fogelberg!?? Are you kidding me?”) And cleaning supplies who had thought they were forgotten, only to be rediscovered (“You DO need me!” said the silver polish cleaner, almost dried up in the container.”)

The times they are a changing. That’s for sure.

First, we learn we should keep our physical distances from one another. Then we learn to shelter at home and work and learn from home. Then we learn about gloves and masks. Now we learn we should not be grocery shopping. This has huge impact for people of privilege but more significantly, also for people not of privilege. We are going to have to increase our ability to think global but act local. If you are not financially insecure, are you continuing to support housekeepers or babysitters or nannies who can no longer come to your house? Do you have an out of work dog walker these days, who counted on your gig to help cover rent? Some of us may have large refrigerators and freezers and perhaps even more than one. Others have a tiny dorm-like fridge and they cannot store large amounts of anything. Food banks are facing shortages. Let’s help fill up the cupboards without entering Trader Joes.

With all this free time, there is more time to look up recipes based on what food you have in the house. With all this free time, there is more time to cook and bake food like pasta, beans, and rice. We can get creative and share ideas and use up the canned food sitting alone in the back of the pantry.

It is to all our advantage to help one another. Slow to use gloves? Not wanting to wear a mask up until now. Still going places you should not? It’s ok – whatever you did up until today, face the future and make the change. It’s a new day. And while it does feel like Ground Hog Day, it’s not really.

We have the opportunity to change things up. Think global. Act local.

One Day At A Time. We are making a difference.

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