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In Times Like These #12 3-26-2020

Lots and lots of ideas of how to fill our time, in these times. I’ve been trying to pay attention to new behaviors rather than become overwhelmed by new offers (listen to Elton John from home, work out with famous personal trainer, do yoga with goats and just imagine the goats while putting your sonos on a goat playlist rotation….) For instance, while not signing on to all that is offered online, here is a (not complete) list of “Things we’ve started doing in our house:”

  1. Taking multivitamins (found some gummy Flintstone vitamins in the cupboard, sure they are still good)

  2. Letting the dog tear up old magazines to entertain us because, why not?

  3. Using that tall long dust brush thingy purchased years ago that was only collecting dust sitting in the garage…turns out that even short people can dust their vents and tops of door frames and boy, does dust ever collect up there!

  4. Eating down the freezer (discovering there is an ice maker deep down in there) and googling how many things you can make with frozen chopped spinach because apparently at one point, we must have had many coupons for those!

  5. Taking beginner’s piano lessons with the ‘first book of piano’ last used by our now 28-year old in 1996 (while also trying to convince my young adult kids they need to sit through a recital once I master 10 songs, but so far, no one sounds excited…this, after me sitting through gazillions of hours of their sports, bands, orchestra concerts, and even the occasional dance presentation!) Hmpf!

  6. READING those New Yorker magazines that stack up and typically mock us - - - for that matter, also reading Bon Appetite and Easy Recipes, magazines that magically showed up a few years back and heretofore went quickly into the recycling bins.

To be fair, there are also lots of things on the list of “Things we’ve stopped doing in our house.”

  1. Brushing hair – because, what’s the point, really?

  2. Having happy hour inside our neighbor’s house (nothing stops us from doing it outdoors, across the lawn/fence, mind you…) because who knows where her visiting relatives have been?

  3. Reading every first alert received on the phone (because alert fatigue set in last week and at this point, perhaps no news is really better than new news)

  4. Pretending to eat only healthy foods because, really, what better excuse is there for comfort food than a world-wide pandemic.

  5. Wondering if PAN in pandemic comes from PANDEMONIUM or from PANDA bear because looked it up and was sad to see it’s the same pan in ‘pandemic’ and ‘pandemonium’ (“pan” coming from the Greek for ALL…whereas Panda Bear coming from a Nepalese word meaning eater of bamboo.) So, mystery solved there.

Meantime, little lessons learned daily, and in no particular order. Be kind, it’s free and as contagious as a, well, virus. Be funny, it’s even more contagious than kindness if you can imagine. Be conscientious, because without the same ole structure and routine, it’s easy to really get lost and while some free floating is good, too much free floating will drown us. And be gentle – with yourself, with your family, with your friends….in these times, we really can slow down the pace, plant a garden, and enjoy the parts of our nests often ignored. This time will pass, I promise. But for now, as they say, simply be here now.

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