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In Times Like These #3 3-17-2020

Be prepared. When we hear those two words, we think of many things….like the Boy Scout Motto and like what your mom said when you headed off to (College? High school? Middle School?) regarding keeping condoms in a wallet and like what the 8th nutritionist I saw mentioned regarding cooking all meals in advance on a Sunday so as not to be tempted to eat down the house on a random Wednesday afternoon. Be prepared.

The aforementioned examples of preparedness are mostly physical preparations. And physical preparations are pertinent and helpful. (As most Millennial know, it is not crazy, but rather responsible, to have a Zombie apocalypse survival kit in the closet. Check amazon prime right now. They still have some in stock.) So being physically prepared in this uncertain time includes having food and supplies in the house or apartment, but not re-creating Costco or Smart and Final in your garage. It also means making sure you KNOW your neighbors and you lightly find others with whom to share various things. (You provide the smoker and I’ll provide the last frozen chicken to be found in Los Angeles, something like that.) It also means clearing out your space, de-cluttering, and vacuuming under the couch. Face it, you have more ‘free time’ than usual. And when is the last time you checked out all the outlets behind the desk related to the computer, printer, speaker, and router? When did you clean your baseboards, even those behind the toilets? NOW is the time.

While physical preparations are underway, do not forget medical preparations. This means knowing the medications for everyone in the family, knowing the best way to contact your physicians/dentists/eye doctors/vets (Online? Text? Call? Website? Doubtful that right now anyone says, ‘just walk right in if you have concerns.’) and checking your stock of tylenol, and cough syrup. Additionally, if you still have a thermometer that has MERCURY in it or even know what mercury is – then it’s time for a new one. You don’t have to break the bank, but you should get one that zips across a forehead and merrily gives you a number.

You also need to be financially prepared. Cash is not a bad thing to have on hand, but it does not do much these days and in fact, in China, they were worried it could hold onto the virus (this is being scientifically questioned, so, check your own facts on this one.) But for sure now is the time to be EXTRA careful with online shopping and purchasing. More time at home. More time on the computer. Less ability to get out. More friendly notes from my bffs Old Navy, Michaels and Amazon Prime books than EVER… your spending. Comfort spending is no better than comfort eating.

Which takes me to the next area of preparedness – nutritional. I’m pretty sure I could easily gain 72ish pounds in a few weeks. In fact, the company who advertises ‘give us a week we’ll take off the weight’ could use me and my family for a promotional ad that says, ‘give us a week and we’ll put on the weight.’ That was handy for our malnourished rescue dog Ginger, for whom the vet was nervous we could help her get up to a normal poundage (note – we’re there and now have to worry she’ll soon be the overweight teased dog of the neighborhood) but that motto is less handy for us humans. It’s great to be baking and cooking but let’s keep in mind we are likely exercising less and sitting around more and that no, granola is NOT health food, even though it SEEMS as though it is and even though you may be making it to give to pals - - - it’s not ok to nosh on it every few hours. When possible, less carbs/sugar and more dark leafy green vegies and people, let’s MOVE. You tube has approximately 2 billion movement videos. No excuses. (And if you’re in California and noting it’s raining – a) you won’t melt unless your name is Dorothy and b) see aforementioned plug for indoor YouTube segments.)

So now you are physically and medically and financially and nutritionally prepared. That leaves the hardest thing to prepare – your emotions. Turns out, they are not 100% in cahoots with rationality, or facts, or data. We’ll get to that tomorrow. For today, remember this one thing - - - YOU ARE ALREADY HANDLING THIS. YOU CAN DO IT. Si, se puede! Yes, you can!

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