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In Times Like These #33 4-16-2020

The time has come the walrus said….

Lewis Carroll had a great imagination and brought us Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland among many others. He is quoted as saying (as Alice): “I can’t go back to yesterday – because I was a different person then.” Simple and true for us all. We can’t go back. We are already different today.

One of my Carroll faves is the tale of the walrus and the carpenter, which actually, for those who know it, is a fairly grim/snarky long narrative poem about tricking oysters into becoming dinner. It all begins as follows:

"The time has come," the Walrus said: "To talk of many things. Of ships—and shoes—and sealing wax of cabbages—and kings.”

So where are we in this time? What has the time come for?

For one thing….this is NOT the time to make any rash decisions. It may feeeel like ‘the time has come’, but, trust me, in fact, this is not the time! For instance:

  • Do NOT quit your job this month (unless you 1) have another lined up and/or 2) there is a safety reason for leaving.)

  • Do NOT file for divorce this month (1) unless you have been planning on doing so for months/years and just did not have the time until now or 2) there is a safety reason for leaving.)

  • Do NOT get pregnant (unless you 1) have had that in mind for awhile but did not have the time until now or 2) you have some insider info as to how long this is going to last!)

  • Do NOT decide to drop out of school this month….

  • Do NOT break up with your ‘bff’ this month…..

  • Do NOT send an aggressive letter to your boss or HR demanding they guarantee you will not be laid off this month….

  • Do NOT impulse buy a new house/motorcycle/car this month…..

  • Do NOT send that naked photo to ANYONE…..

  • Do NOT booty call your ex…………

  • Do NOT order lots of alcohol online ‘just in cases’………….

I’m sure the ‘time has come’ for many things, but also, in these times, no our theme of the month: Impulse Control during Crises.


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