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Dr. Kussin conducts formal psychological evaluations that immigration laws may require for appeals and/or waivers related to cancellation of removal (for permanent residents or non-legal permanent residents), application for permanent residency, ban of the 10-year rule, political asylum, humanitarian appeal, female genital mutilation, and criminal offenses, violence against women (VAWA), prosecutorial discretion and other issues. She collaborates with attorneys across the United States and other countries. She assesses for U-Visa, T-Visa, VAWA, N-648, 601-A, DACA, J-1 and asylum, to list just a few. Her assessments are thorough and compassionate and her reports are articulate and comprehensive. She testifies in court as necessary.


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Many of the patients Dr. Kussin sees involve complex immigration legal issues concerning unlawful presence in the United States. She welcomes challenges and has obtained approval for cases involving some of the most difficult issues in immigration law, those tied to complicated diagnoses, trauma, abuse and torture histories, and medical, cognitive, psychiatric, educational, and psychological illness.  Dr. Kussin evaluates each individual to assess for diagnoses and functionality as it pertains to the legal case. For instance, sometimes a hardship is not apparent until a psychological evaluation is performed, medical records are obtained, and assessments of family history/background and career development/interruption are carried out.


Dr. Kussin has been conducting psycho-social evaluations for the immigration court system for the past 20 years, working closely and in collaboration with immigration attorneys.  She taught psycho-diagnostic assessment at the graduate school level for years.  She assesses patient mental status and emotional functioning, can evaluate children and adults alike, and can testify in court. She is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 35 years experience in assessment, evaluation, and treatment of patients.


Evaluations can take place electronically. Child evaluations also include consultation with teachers and physicians (with signed releases and consents) as well as a review of school and medical records.  Dr. Kussin also conducts evaluations in Detention Centers on a case by case situation.

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